Jan 14, 2006

Too Close for Comfort

Day 9 [written on Day 10 at 1:17pm]
Me - 150lbs (-10 from starting)
Sleep last night - 7 hours'ish; very sound

"Thin Mint" - 179lbs (his weigh in was late at night, so that's likely the cause of this anomaly)

I've heard strories about people running marathons, and falling out of the 26.2 mile race in the last 3 miles. Inconceivable...to be so close and not finish! Well, we got a taste of this yesterday. Drew's energy and mood was up for most of the day, but he had to take an unplanned nap late in the afternoon after a very sudden bout of exhaustion. After he woke up, he talked about starting to break the fast a day early. As for me, suffice to say that I was so on the edge of...I don't know what...that I was weeping during storytime for the girls. Not a good image for them surely. But I just kept feeling so..."ick"...without any good explanation. Except of course if one believes in the influence of the lunar cycle as I do. So I chalk it up to that. I drank the lemonade everytime the lethargy came on, and I would feel fine for a while, then hit a low again. It started to seem like some sinister internal plot to get us to quit early.

I've been fretting over this trip to NY coming up on Sunday. I've never been to a trade show before, and so I don't know what it would be like to be swigging my umpteenth bottle of lemonade for the day without drawing attention, or trying to keep my energy up so that I make good first impressions for the company. "Oh my gosh!!! Some girl just fainted over in booth 166!!" Yeah...that wouldn't go over well. But on the other hand, I really think that some extenuating circumstances are in play, and that I really should be breaking the fast in the comfort of my own home, when I get back from the trip. That would work out to about 16 days of fasting over all if you include the "orange juice only" days. We shall see...