Jan 21, 2006

Show & Tell

I've discovered that the camera on my phone actually takes 1/2 decent photos. So until I can convince Drew to take out another mortgage and by me the Canon Rebel digital camera I'm drooling over, I'll use what I've got for some show and tell...

This past weekend, I visited a couple of great yarn shops in New York City. It felt downright "nifty" to be in another city, and taking subways and buses only to end up in the small, cozy, oh so trendy big city yarn store. My favorite was a shop/cafe called Knit New York, which I have since found out is quite popular with other knitters even here in Florida. My flight home on Wednesday was delayed by a heavy rainstorm, so I asked my cabbie to make a U-turn from the airport trip and take me back to Knit New York. I spent a blissful 3 hours there winding yarn I had bought, and collecting some goodies like a T-shirt and a super cool "Knit on the Go" pouch that you clip to your belt or purse and tote your latest WIP everywhere! (Which I have). Here's a shot of the hospitable crew at the store: Melinda (L), Josh (center; the first male I have ever seen knit and boy does that yarn FLY over his needles), Chachy (R):

I really look forward to going back and exploring more of this creative hobby as it makes it's comeback in America's great cities.