Oct 29, 2009

Lighten Up

(I'm just going to sneak right back in here with a post and we'll all pretend like I haven't been gone for absolutely AGES, ok? Great, thanks.)

I've been making small steps lately to lighten up my load in a few areas:

24lbs lighter...
Freecycle - my new favorite organization.
As tough as things have been in the last couple of years for many people, it feels good to make a small contribution by giving away things that I will no longer wear to someone who can really use them.

There are multiple 2-piece suits in there, a dress with the tag still on, and a pair of silk pants that would make any woman feel like a superstar on a workday. This kind of giving really benefits giver and receiver. When I walk into my closet now, I feel lighter!

13lbs lighter...
Since July, I've been doing regular exercise almost every day; biking with a great partner, walking, jogging, and at home strength training. I'm 5lbs from my ultimate goal weight (target was set early this year), and I don't miss a single ounce of what I have shed so far.

6lbs lighter...
We all have it. That mass of supplies that we bought when we were new to the craft, and didn't know better. Didn't know that squeaky acrylic is not well suited for most projects. That good color selection does, in fact, play a part in the final product, and that "cheap" and "good value" are usually mutually exclusive when it comes to your raw materials.

This yarn is headed for The Interim House.. My stash will not miss a single yard of this yarn, but I suspect it is off to do some good in another home.

What will you leave behind before the New Year rolls in?