Jan 14, 2006

Drum Roll Please

Day 10 / 10:37PM GOAL ATTAINED
Me - 149lbs (-11 from starting)
Drew - 175lbs (-15 from starting)

Here we are!! Day 10. Hard to even express what it feels like to be here. I hear The Count from Sesame Street in my head saying (10! 10 vunderful days..ah ah ah ahhhhhhh! ). Today was a pretty eventful day overall. I did the decor and ran the games at my sister-in-law Tenika's baby shower. Let me tell you, to be at a family function and do everything BUT partake of the food - whew!! Not easy. But we extricated ourselves early. I even managed to make it through packing up food for Adachi and Mizan without too much temptation. Drew is definitely going to start breaking the fast tomorrow. And I said I would too; I even told him in the car that my final decision was that we should continue doing all parts of this together right up until the end ("regular food day" 4 days from now). But even now, I'm on the fence. We have only 1 lemon left, and my flight leaves at 8am. I unpacked the maple syrup and juice toting stuff from my bags too, so I really haven't left myself much choice but to break the fast tomorrow.

So, with that decided...I want to list here some of our new eating plans and changes post-fast:

  • Drew - no more bread or cereal ("no inherent nutrients, no point")
  • Drew - no more dairy (except clarified butter, which doesn't have milk fat)
  • Drew - 10-day fast a minimum of 3 times per year
  • Marce - no gluten (wheat, oats, barley, rye, etc)
  • Marce - no products containing yeast
  • Marce - 10-day fast a minimum of 3 times per year

That should show us some significant health improvements. I'm really very proud of what we've accomplished. I know that our bodies are better for it. And now when I get that "gotta have it" feeling for something junky, I'll try to remind myself about this experience. I believe I would have quit early if it hadn't been for #1 partner. You rock baby! And for those of you who have been tracking this all along and adding your silent support - Thanks!!

Who would have thought that I'd be looking forward to a full day's worth of plain old fresh-squeezed orange juice tomorrow...but if/when you try this cleanse for yourself...you'll understand.