Jan 12, 2006

8 Straight

Day 8 / Late afternoon
Me - 150lbs (-10 from starting); let's just say that I figured out why I might still be carrying some "water" weight...curse those womanly ways!! Sigh - love fasting, LOVE it...
Measurements holding steady
Sleep last night - 6 hours (but with good reason)

The skinny man formerly known as Drew - 179lbs (-11 from starting)
Sleep last night 7 hours

Today was a pretty solid day...Nothing too terrible on the symptom side. Definitely starting to notice some of the main benefits now:

  • More time in your day
  • More energy in the morning
  • A pronounced feeling of lightness (not to be confused with light headedness)
  • Sounder sleep
  • Clearer Skin

The high notes for today - YOGA. We got in a full hour of yoga, nearly all of which was done before the girls woke up with breakfast demands. It felt amazing, and just shows how committed hubster is to doing this whole thing together. Some of those poses will truly test your will. Later in the day I took the girls to the doc. Adachi had her 4-year old wellness check and did excellent! Whoo weee that girl can ace an eye chart. She also braved 3 shots for immunization that mommy intentionally did not forewarn her about. Her bravery humbled me.

In the evening I went to my first "Knit Night" at my FAVORITE Yarn shop called Great Balls of Yarn (chuckle). Six of us ladies, projects in hand, sat around a table for some stichin' and bitc***. I am hooked!! And I assure you that none of these puns were intended. I took pictures of a WIP that I finally finished tonight too. Whew! Another scarf rolls off my needles, and awaits the pleasure of being wrapped lovingly around the neck of some relative or friend. I also finished a set of booties and a hat for my friend Nancy. I'll ask her to kindly send me digital pics of them once they arrive at her house so I can post them here. My picture posting is inherently slowed by the waiting period to get my CD back from Sam's Club. More on the 'morrow....