Jan 9, 2006

Gimme Five!

Day 5 / 10:59pm
Marce - 155lbs (-5 from starting)
Waist measurement - holding steady

Not So Chubby Hubby - 180lbs (-10 from starting)
I just told him that I wrote that and he said "I don't know why you're so happy, I don' t wanna lose weight" - with a very obvious smirk of secret satisfaction. We did a pH test today though, and it shows that we're both pretty acidic, and he's still got the fuzzy white tongue, whereas mine is half clear. Yes I'm gloating!! It's all I've got over him right now...this man mowed the lawn yesterday! Sheesh. Love him like mad, and he knows it. :-)

On the fasting front things were pretty smooth, but today was an especially tough work day. Very busy even by Monday standards, and alot of shifiting and adjustments that remind me I still have a long way to go to feel settled in my new role. At points it was downright emotional, and I didn't think about eating once, not once! Any other emotional eaters out there can truly appreciate the magnitude of that. In my hay day, it would have been Ice Cream Pints and death by chocolate to recover from a day like today. But it was hot and cold Master Cleanser lemonade as far as the eye could see...just the way it ought to be. Both the girls have colds too, and I think we're each getting a touch of it, but not with the usual symptoms we'd expect. Drew lost his voice and I have some chest congestion, but it really feels like no virus could overtake these leaner cleaner pipes.

1 hour from Day 6 now - that will officially break Drew's previous Fasting Feat (that time he did distilled water only, the man is a machine!). I'm SO grateful to have him as a hunger buddy. Still waiting on some of that somberness and clarity I remember from last time too, but that's the beauty of this process...you just never know what each day will bring. Who knows, we may even hit the Fair on Friday...if I don't chicken out. Ugh. I said chicken.