May 27, 2009

Brought to you by Mr. Greenthumbs

I constantly tease hubby that he's got a hand full of green thumbs; he is in no way clumsy with them either - that man can tend some land! Recently he told me that some corn had randomly started sprouting shoots from our discards, and I immediately had thoughts of hundreds of stalks swaying in the breeze. He's just that good.

Our latest triumph is the renewal of a tree that was whipped to smithereens by the hurricanes of a few years ago - our Lychee (/lee' chee/) tree blooms again.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_2

I found some interesting info on this fruit at the usual place.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_1

Though they are still a bit sour right now, we've ben noticing that some of them are ripening and then bursting open while still on the branch. With that and the inevitable "squirrel tax", you better believe we're devouring them as fast as we can!

Lychee - May 2009

The sweetest part? These are usually crazy expensive in the store! It has been very very satisfying to be able to pluck them for free just by stepping out into my own yard.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_4 Lychee Nuts - May 2009_5


May 23, 2009

Bits and Bobs, Blankets and Babies

It feels good to be back to the fiber again. My back pain has prevented me from doing much stitching lately, but I'm combating that as much as I can with exercise, chiro visits, and sheer will. Here's a glimpse at what I'm working on...

Colorific crochet flowers - I intend to turn these into a "hippy" style belt, but for now I just find it very soothing to keep making them. My sister gifted me several of these gorgeous jewel tones of Caron Simply Soft; I'm happy to be able to finally use them.

And speaking of my sister - she's making this for me...

Mother's Day 2009

My Seesterberry

And I'm making this for her...

Around the Rosy Blanket WIP

Around the Rosy Blanket WIP_2

- a sooper soft blanket for the baby girl inside that belly. Click the photos for details...

I'm really enjoying having both of these projects on the go. I'm also looking forward to my knitting machine lesson coming up in 2 weeks - I hope to get rolling on that new path as soon as possible, the ideas that are brewing really make me smile...

May 2, 2009

Bonding Over Buns

Another Super Saturday - this time, a baking edition.

I went searching for a good recipe for cinnamon buns online and found this one. During my work travel this past week, one of our dinner conversations turned to the topic of making things from scratch and we all shared stories about which family member was brilliant (or awful) at specific dishes. When we got around to baking, biscuits made from scratch were a hot topic, and cinnamon buns too - mostly because the "magic" that is homemade bread dough still seems to mystify some people.

As a homeschooling lesson, making bread is a great way to teach math and fractions (for measuring ingredients), reading comprehension, science (yeast + warm liquid + flour = poof! fat dough), and the importance of following the order of specific directions. It's also a very tactile process - one that little hands will hopefully remember for many years to come. Mostly though, it is a great way to teach patience. If you are patient, and you take care with each step, the result is something very rewarding, and in this case - something wonderfully delicious (at least...that's what they told me :) ).

Super Saturday - Buns!

Fresh from the oven - bottom side

Super Saturday - Buns!
Flipped out of the pant to cool - Voila! Top side with caramel topping

Super Saturday - Buns! Super Saturday - Buns!

Super Saturday - Buns! Super Saturday - Buns!
Our trusty taste testers give signs of approval