Dec 28, 2006

Don't Call It A Comeback

It must be the yarn embargo that hubby has imposed until post New Year...or maybe it's all the exposure to the beautiful things I have read about and seen that everyone ELSE is finishing, or it could be that my UFOs (unfinished objects) have been hanging around so long that they have evolved into intelligent beings, which can now actually call to me from my knitting bags - if that's so, this one would likely use foul language.

I present my oldest, and most sorely neglected work-in-progress-turned-wearable knit...

GBOY Shrug 011

This cropped cardi/shrug has been on (and off) my needles since fall of 2005. It was one of the first things I brought to Knit Night at GBOY, where I got great help and advice on constructing it, which I have since long forgotten apparently because the pattern is covered now in post it notes with feverish scribblings of things I had to work out on my own.

GBOY Shrug 018

GBOY Shrug 015

  • Berroco Cotton Twist in Color 8387 (it should be called Berroco Cotton Splits!)
  • 85 yds/ball; I used about 8 balls for the Medium size (Back 19", Length 16")
  • Needles - 24" US 5 circular, 24" US 6 circular, and US 6 dpns

Since I started this and re-started it as I was becoming a better knitter, I can now say that the pattern is pretty well written and easy to follow. The construction is only a little hairy when it comes to joining the sleeve to the raglan edge of the body at the armhole. My main struggle with this one was really just that the yarn would split and snag something awful if you just breathed on it hard.

I like the fit, but am still not 100% sure this cropped shrug style is for me. I think it's a little loose around the back. Also, I knit and unknit the front band/collar ribbing about 8 times, and I'm still not thrilled with that part. Something about my calculations for that were off because I adjusted the length. I also extended the sleeve length a bit too much - knit and learn.

I take pleasure in seeing it finished though. Who knows...I may just make this finishing stuff a habit (oh goodness, jinxed it already...ah well).

Thanks for looking!

GBOY Shrug 003

Dec 27, 2006


So, the festivities have come and gone and we all survived. Most of it can be said in pictures, but the recap is that our newest nephew was there (born the Sunday after Thanksgiving)

My not-so-little anymore youngest niece Janaya is now a gorgeous 9 month old (wearing 12-18mos clothes thank you very much) - and her mommy and daddy are engaged as of Christmas eve - Woo Hoo!!

The girls were so appreciative of their gifts this year, it made me very proud of them. I think I could get used to this stuff.

I finished my oldest niece's Debbie Bliss Cardi JUST in time...they were walking in the door and I was finishing the seam on the cuffs!( Blocking??? Who has time for blocking?!)

Anissa in her Cardi

Anissa's Cardi

We enjoyed delicious traditional Jamaican dishes too, like curried goat, oxtail, goat soup, rice & peas - Too good! Yes there was turkey and stuffing and yams, and mercy just Too. Much. Food.

Cooking it Up

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well...on to the New Year preparations! This New Year's Eve, hub and I will celebrate 10 years of not killing each other...err marriage. I can't believe I have done something consecutively for 10 years other than live - wow. Anyhoo, if you don't hear from me until after the 1st, I'm sending you extra special HAPPY NEW YEAR vibes.


Dec 19, 2006

In the Spirit


At no time is that word more deceptive than in the period leading up to December 25th if you celebrate Christmas. Actually, I imagine that preparations for Hanukkah or even Kwanzaa are no breezy stroll either. This year, I was feeling quite the scrooge since about mid-November. Already resenting the pressure I was starting to feel to make the "season" just right this year. Instead of my mind filing with thoughts of Christmas music, relaxation, good food, and most importantly the flood of family members and friends that I'm most likely to see in the next several days...all I could think about for a while was "I'll just never get those cards out in time" and "Knit! Faster!".

Now I'm not blaming anyone for this stress mind you. I'm type A. It comes naturally.
But we all know that the trend has moved quickly away from hot chocolate and caroling to fist fights at the mall and camping out in the cold for <>. I even briefly considered sending everyone on the list an E-card this year! Just to buy a little more time. :sigh:

Then, Sunday night. Hubby made that all melt away. He showed up around 9, returning from an afternoon of football watching at his brother's. He was all grins, which I couldn't figure out. After doing I-didn't-know-what for several minutes outside, he asked the girls and I to come to the door. He opened it, and there lay an 8 foot Christmas tree, just as gorgeous as you please! My holiday spirit came so suddenly at the site of that tree, it nearly knocked me over. Strange, but that small thing really gave me a huge lift! He insisted we decorate it with the girls immediately and the fun soon followed. I started blasting the carols, and we dolled it up!

That time with hubby and the girls, making sure the ornaments hung just so was a great reminder of how a little thing like family quality time can sometimes kick the snot out of a big thing like holiday stress.

I hope that whatever you celebrate, the spirit of that celebration has already started to spread it's joy around you and those you love!

Mizan's Tree

Christmas Prep 2006

Dec 12, 2006

Warmth On & Off the Needles

I FINALLY finished my mangled version of the Irish Hiking Scarf

No, your monitor does not need adjustment, the scarf is in fact two tone. I bought the tweedy gray/white from a yarn store that was closing at a time when I didn't know that just one skein won't usually do it (especially for a longer scarf). I got the solid color from a craft store mainly because it was the closest to the color in the tweed. I keep telling myself that when I wrap it around my neck, it's not that noticeable...humor me.

I had a great evening with KR - My CoWorker Who Knits. She took me with her to her knitting class @ the local Panera Bread (uh...YUM?). She is such a treat! Funny, easy going, and a darn good knitter! That made for a great time all around...not to mention that her teacher and fellow knitters were so welcoming. Check out the felted wine cozy she finished and the lacy scarf she has on the needles, in DB Cashmerino Aran no less!

Thanks KR!

Still missing home, but the work stuff is going really well. My new colleagues are very free with their time and information; that makes a big difference for a rookie. Got to stay positive and remember to keep my gratitude at a high.

Dec 9, 2006

As I Live & Breathe

Wednesday of this week marked my first official day as a new employee at VI (so it shall henceforth be named). Um...for anyone of you that track weather even in passing, you know that traveling FROM Florida TO New Jersey anytime in the last few days was a frosty adventure indeed. I actually got delayed there an extra night because of weather cancellations, etc. I was sufficiently appeased by my gift of granola bars and bottled water at the airport Marriott though. Membership and privileges, yadda yadda yadda - I'm glad to be home.

So, you would think that the smiling of the Gods upon me would only have included actually getting on the payroll and safely navigating my way through winter weather (all the wool I own wrapped strategically)...but no! I got EXTRA blessings. I got to see My Kelli! She was in town returning from a customer visit and we had dinner AND breakfast together. Here, look -
(click to enlarge)

Kelli H 120806

Marce & Kelli 120806

That's her in the flesh! Just as lovely and darling and wonderful as ever. We laughed like we always do and hugged much. She did tell me that it didn't seem real that we actually get to work together again until she strolled over to my temporary cubicle. Superb timing too because she also nearly bumped into The Maddeningly Cute Sales Guy as he was exiting my boss' office. Ahem! I digress...

I must admit that I did VERY little knitting (and I mean a # of rows that you could count on one hand). To make up for it, I did find some crocheters and a knitter in the office!! You know we can spot each other a mile away. I was even treated to some crochet show & tell by one of the fabulous front desk receptionists. Extra blessing here was that My Knitting Co-Worker invited me to her class next Tuesday night! Oh...did I mention I'm going BACK to the frozen north for another week?! Mercy. Functional/practical fiber lust now has a whole new relevance in my life.

My current project is the Irish Hiking Scarf, which I'm making in Patons Classic. After a visit to a friend today, it looks like as soon as I finish this one it will be out on loan for their Christmas trip to Canada. Love it when it all comes together for good.

Holla at me dahlings! Miss gabbing with ya! MWAH!