Jan 7, 2006

3rd Day's the Charm

Day 3 / 7:50pm
Me - 157lbs (-3 from starting)
Waist - down 1 1/2" from starting
Sleep Last night - 8 hours (for both of us - we woke up at 6 unsure of what to do with our giddy selves)

Drew "Lite" - 184lbs (-6 from starting!!!) Now tell me, is that fair? I'm going to start saying "this isn't about the weight loss" like he does and see if the ticker on the scale moves down faster.

As I said a couple of days ago, Day 3 is usally a milestone in any fast I've done. So I decided I should make this entry during one of the many "why am I doing this again?" moments of today. I'm not exactly hungry, and I don't feel nearly as sick as I did on Day #3 of my first fast, but I am exhausted! And at this time of day, we're usually getting the girls ready for bed so we can settle down to a movie and a yummy snack (read: late night junk food fest). Not so tonight dear friends...*sigh*

Today was not as bad as I anticipated at all though. Hubby had a headache for a good portion of the afternoon, and he's quite convinced that he's more toxic that I am (his tongue is more white and fuzzy, and the pH strip says he's acidic). I won't lord it over him...for long. About 2 weeks ago I did commit to doing 6 weeks gluten-free to see if I could clear up some recent eczema thing - gross I know; the word itself makes me shudder to type. Anyway, that may explain why my symptoms don't seem to be as pronounced this time around, but I never underestimate the body's oddities when it comes to detoxifying. Now I've got my eye on Day 5 to see what hits the fan on the 1/2 way mark.

So, in the time it has taken me to type this, I'm back on board mentally and I know that this is something to be proud of. We have given our bodies 3 days of rest and opportunity to heal. I look forward to the coming days, I expect them to bring clarity and real mental shifting about how and why I eat. And if I don't end up with any earth shattering revelations, at least I'll have a clean internal slate to start from.

Be well!