Nov 21, 2005

Hello Photo

My friend Nancy has the greatest blog at She's got some cool shots out there to share, and so I was inspired to put some pictures up for viewing too:

Last month I took Adachi & Mizan to a great park after our first trip to the science museum . I love family fun days!

Here's a shot of a baby hat I made (crochet, yellow cotton yarn). It now belongs to the newest baby in our group of friends, Olivia Madison Hannaka, born Nov 19th at 1:43 am (missed my birthday by minutes!!)

Sweet potatoes from our garden (aka The Smith-Selas Conservatory)

The paper bag divas bid you Good Day!!

Catching up...

For those of you that have been checking this blog regularly and found it lacking ("From the Mouth of babes again??!! Dangit!!"), I thank you for your patience. And for all, here is a summary of what has happened since I last wrote a lengthy post:

Laid off.
Laid off.

To make it more interesting, that list includes companies in Florida, New Jersey, and Chicago. :-) So I accepted an offer from a Chicago company and I am thrilled!! I start working with them next week (and no I don't have to move...yet). They are located in Bannockburn, IL. Try saying that without putting on a southern drawl, I dare ya.

So the net-net? I am truly blessed. Darling Drew has been so supportive through all this upheaval, and our girls remain my pride and my joy...the real meaning of inspiration. And to use Adachi's new phrase "if I'm not mistaken", we're going to be just fine.

My Ode to Wilma

1...2...That's Category 2!

3...4...We shuttered the doors

5...6...Who's going to pick up those sticks??!

7...8...Is the roof still on straight?

9...10..We survived the season again!