Jan 10, 2006

Shaken...But Not Detered

Day 5 / 5:01PM
Marce - 153.5 (-6.5 from starting)
All other measurements holding steady (stubborn little *****)

"6-Day Slim" - 180lbs
Sleep Last night - 6.5 hours
(We just can't keep our eyes closed past 6AM - so weird! But a good weird)

I am typing this post very quickly because I want it to be recorded that today I thought about food more than ANY other day that I've been on this fast. I have an assignment I've been working on, and I kept having thoughts of just getting up and going to prepare something to eat. The irony is that I've also been thinking alot about how good this must be for the body. One less major task to do all day while we busy ourselves. And hubster is looking like a STICK! Not that he was el-jumbo before, but my oh my...Resilience has it's benefits. ;-) So anyway, I can only attribute the hunger and food fantasies to the fact that I wanted some distraction from using my brain to any great length today..Sad...but true.

Another really noticeable thing - I'm COLD. The temperature has really dropped around here recently so that' s part of it (the other morning we had frost on the lawn and ice on the roof!! Unheard of in Sunny South Florida). But other than that, I'm just not holding in any heat, which gives great support to the idea of using food for "fuel" (ba dump bum ching!).

Anyhoo, once again it only took typing a couple paragraphs for me to be remotivated. I'm going to make an essential oil mix and get some aromatherapy going (another Whole Foods find). Who knows, I may just stay on this while I'm in New York next week and do the additional four days...I've done crazier things!