Jan 6, 2006

99 Bottles of Lemonade on the Wall

Day 2 / 10:05 AM
Me - 159 lbs (-1 from starting)
Waist - down 1/2"
Sleep last night - 7.5 hours

Drew - 189 lbs (-1 from starting)
Sleep Last night - 7 hours

Master Cleanse Day 2 and all is well. You know, this process forces you to be really in tune with how you feel physically and mentally - I'm sure the emotional effects will show up soon enough. We had a great time yesterday going to Whole Foods Market to get our organic ingredients (lemon & maple syrup). The cashier was ringing up the items and he says "Hey! Are you on that lemonade thing?" "Why yes!" I say. "What gave it away? The 3 dozen lemons? tee hee" Then it was a mad dash to the doc to get Adachi some antibiotics for an ear infection - the irony! We don't think it's wise to put the girls on the fast with us right now, they're too little to understand the benefits...although the book tells you that it can work for everyone. At least we'll be experienced with it if it's something they want to cleanse with when they're older.

More later as day 2 rolls on...

Day 2 / 10:27 PM
Me - 157 lbs (-3 from starting)

It's hard to believe that number, but yes, I'm down 2 more pounds since 12 hours ago. Now, I take that with a grain of salt (pun intended) because as a woman, I know that I carry around my share of water weight, so that's got to be some of it. Plus, thanks to our Gentle Mover tea and the Internal Salt Bath, we're flushing...literally.
Today's signs/symptoms of detox - mostly hunger pains and lethargy for me. I knew I was in bad shape when the Ana Banana shampoo Aunty Kelli gave us inspired some craving twinges while I washed the girls' hair - sheesh.
Emotional/Mental status - It might be too early into this to have an epiphany, but I have confirmed a long-time suspicion. I am an emotional eater! I had some mentally stressful calls for work today, and after all 3 of them, I had the urge to eat. It's amazing how physicallthat feeling is too; on any other day, my body would have just carried me to the pantry for something - and I'm certain it would not have been healthy. I hope I shed that snack reflex and learn to stop seeing food as a reward. Hubby dearest didn't suffer the hunger pangs today, good for him! (grumble, grumble).

My reading tells me that Day 3 is a marquis day in any fast. I think it's because your body starts to realize that you're not kidding around with this no food thing, this is for real! "All purifiers on deck! We finally have the go ahead to clean this puppy out!" So we shall see what that brings....I'm very grateful to be closing out another day though. 8 days to go now!

P.S. I'm feeling really cold!