Jun 15, 2009

Try as they might...

...the vicious horses-with-wings we call mosquitos around here could not keep me and my long stick away from my harvest today.

Summer Fruit 002

Carrie Mangoes from my yard - worth every blood-sucking bite I had to endure to get them

Summer Fruit 001

I'm even considering sharing a small piece of one of these with someone else in the family. Then again, there are more on the tree.

Uh huh - what he said!

Jun 1, 2009

A Blanket for Genesis

A Blanket for Genesis, originally uploaded by mamamarce

This project was a combination of right pattern, right yarn, right timing. How often does that happen??

Pattern: Around the Rosy baby blanket, free from Woodhill Designs
Yarn: Berroco Lullaby
Hook: J/10 (6.0mm)
Mods: I omitted the 5tr bobble rounds, added some simple striping to match the center motif, and I did some rounds without increasing the stitch count to avoid rippling (thanks Ravelry!)

Like many of you that are bi-crafty, I've often avoided certain crochet patterns because they don't offer the same movement and drape as most knitting. Not so with this gem - I was so pleased with the softness of the yarn in the ball, that I could only hope it would maintain that quality when stitched up.

My first go at this yarn was a knitted blanket pattern with simple lace, but the gauge was too dense and I frogged it. This second stab at it with the hook instead of needles was just what was called for. The yarn contains DuPont Tencel (I still find that sort of strange) and nylon. It feels like bunny fluff!! That's the only way I can describe it. I just love the way the petals of this "Rosy" lay out, and this is something I'd like to be wrapped in if I were a baby. Hmmm...I do have 4 balls of it left...


This pattern was blissfully repetitive, and surprisingly portable too. It is worked outward from the center, and even though the rounds got longer and longer as it grew, I still enjoyed every step. I even found myself relaxed enough to think some loving thoughts of the recipient. My niece is due to join her two little brothers (who I am just crazy about) later this summer.

Don't be surprised if you see another one of these posted out here before the year is out.