Jan 21, 2006

Picture This...

I had some photos from late 2005 I wanted share:

The Tummy Twins - Tenika (L) is my sister-in-law, carrying a baby girl due in March; Allison (R) is my one and only little sister, carrying a baby boy due in June. Oh the pink and blue yarns abound!!

This shot shows a view from the balcony of our room. Drew stayed with me at the Residence Inn Deerfield (northern suburb of Chicago) during my first week on the new job. Watching the snow pile up from the warmth of our room was so cozy!

This next shot shows two of my favorite folks (hahaha!) and two of my recent practical projects. I crocheted the hat from some very funky acrylic yarn - started and finished it on the flights to Chicago, then wore it for the first time when I came off the plane. The scarf Drew's wearing - I knit that horizontally with some Baby Alpaca yarn on circular needles. I at least had the decency to finish it for him the night before the trip.

This last one is just a nice hazy shot of Drew on a pier in Glencoe, a very quiet, but wealthy area in the northern suburbs. We drove through here on one of our first explorations when we thought we might be moving to Chicago. The $1million price tags were enough to make you...well, stare forlornly out at the water. Thankfully...I no longer have to move. I can create lots of cold weather clothing, but I get to keep coming back to sunny south Florida.