Jan 8, 2006

The Fantastic Four

Day 4 / 10:30AM
Marce - 155lbs (-5 from starting)
Waist - (-1 2/2" from starting); no change
Sleep last night - 7.5 hours

Hubb-enator - 184lbs (-6 from starting); no change

Day 4 - feeling great! Woke up feeling very strong today. I didn't sleep the best last night, but there was no hunger feeling and no lightheadedness. I don't feel weak either, as one might expect after 3 full days with no food. Last night was pretty tough. After I posted, we settled in to watch a movie and the munchies hit me bad. I actually had to drink the lemonade 2 more times before bed to keep from feeling hungry and miserable. This detox is pretty real though, I'm already starting to feel the energy lift that I read about. Having some good ideas about where I'd like to take my business this year, and I could use real motivation on that score.

More from the Fasting Furious later...

[Adding this from Day 5]
This evening was a pretty tough one. I felt so sluggish at one point that I couldn't hold up for one of my favorite activities, bathing the girls. Earlier in the day, we spent some time outside, even went riding on the neighbors golf cart up and down the road. The real treat was though that all day the Adachi & Mizan were offering us food, but I think Adachi finally got it. After a certain time, when Mizan asked if Daddy wanted some of her dinner, Adachi called out "Naaah - he's fasting Meezee!" Too cute. I was plenty tired too, so I slept quite well. And as hubby put it - Day 4 is on the books!
Heading for five and still alive!