Jan 11, 2006

Seven, Nine, Eleven

Day 7 / 10:23AM
Me - 151lbs (-9 from starting) - I'm gaining on him! :-p
Waist - 31 1/4"

"My Man Slim" - 179lbs (-11 from starting)

Ok...I just have to get this one gross tidbit out to the way. We are coughing up some serious...ummm...toxins. At first we both thought we caught this never ending chest things the girls have, but now we're convinced this is just another manifestation of the cleanse. Whoo Wee!! I just really marvel at what we carry around inside our bodies on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Seems like my slow weight loss has picked up a little, and I feel really good and energetic for the majority of the day - still tiring out by 8/9pm though. The tiredness has its own benefits though because now we're forming a habit we've been pursuing for some time...early to bed early to rise.

I was comforted when Drew told me yesterday that he too was thinking more and more about food yesterday than any other day on the fast. Neither of us felt hungry so to speak, but just missed the old habit and comfort I think. We staying strong though. He's decided that Saturday (Day 10) will be it for him. I'm not so sure for me. Right now I feel strong enough to keep going, but there is a baby shower and NY trip for work that stand between me and the other side of 14 days fasting. I know that a strong will can carry you through many things, and this will be one of those times where I'll have to call on mine in a big way. Imagine...going to my first trade show and having no booze, no rich NY restaurant foods. *Sigh* Maybe I'll find a good yarn shop and just stay in my hotel room knitting...that thought actually makes me giddy ;-)