Apr 23, 2006

What's New Pussycat?

Just a quickie, and when you have young children, it's best done late at night really... ::cough::

My friend Neicey let me have her digital cam today because it wasn't working right, and since it was my gift to her, I offered to take it in and have it checked out. Turns out it just needed a different type of battery, so I brought it home with me and well...As
Crazy Aunt Purl says, Y'all Know.

Let's begin with the cuteness shall we?
This is a shot of my munchkins after our girls day out today at my friend Akanksha's. Seriously, could you just moosh them?

And here's my latest knitting adventure in all it's unfinished glory. Socks...I feel the fever, and I can tell already, Drew is going to be one warm footed so-and-so let me tell you.

Here are the close up of the starting of the heel and the 6+" cuff. Heh heh heh - see this is how I KNOW my husband doesn't read this blog. Ever.

These socks are a surprise for him for Father's Day, and I guarantee he will be none the wiser. Hmph.

I've saved today's best for last...you know, keep you scrolling. I went to a Handbag Party today to support Neicey and hang out with some of my coolest girlfriends. Well, our hostess Akanksha...I can't even begin to list all her skills and talents. She paints, she makes gorgeous jewelry, she's a great mom, she's a software programmer, she has impeccable design taste and talents, and, as I found out for the first time today...

She Knits.

She made that gorgeous sweater for Meezee's 3rd birthday and I tell you my eyes got teary and my jaw dropped. I've been so caught up in what I'm going to make for who and how many more jobs I need to afford my yarn habit. So to be handed something handmade, knit no less as a gift completely threw me for a loop (nice pun). Phew! A warm fuzzy feeling I tell you - THANK YOU AKANKSHA! It's just the right size for Meezee to wear when things cool off again 'round here.

Apr 18, 2006

I Have a Soft Spot for Niceness

I've been a bit discouraged about posting recently because (a) I just don't want to blather on about uninteresting or useless things...well, not this week anyway, and (b) uploading pictures to blogger is a true exercise in patience and great practice for my yoga breathing relaxation techniques. That being said, I would be remiss not to send a cyber shout out to the ladies of Uncommon Threads in York, PA. Yes, I was traveling up north again, and Yes I did managed to find yet another local yarn shop that I love, and YES....I bought stuff. Moving on...

Uncommon Threads is owned by Beth, and Kathy (who I didn't meet, but it was the phone conversation with her that convinced me to drive 35 minutes from my hotel to go and love on some yarn in their shop).

Here's the email I got from Beth after my visit there (Note: this message has not been edited or altered in any way to exaggerate the niceness of said yarn shop owner, they really were just this sweet!):

Hi Marce, It was SO nice to meet you last Wednesday night. We all had a great time, but that's not unusual. I hope your work brings you back to the Central PA area again. We'll expect to see you!
Beth Lutz
Uncommon Threads

The Alpaca Yarn Company1-866-440-PACA (7222)
www.thealpacayarnco.com (Beth's Yarn Co.)

And here is the picture Beth took for me (since my phone cam battery was DOA). Beth and Kim are at the far right standing:

Other things from that night that I'm still gushing on and on about...

- the afore-mentioned loveliness of Beth and Kim (as helpful to me as to their Wednesday night regulars)

-the multitude of yarns I have never fondled before...*sigh* It's the little things. During this trip I found out that I actuallly DO like to window shop! Just long enough to decide what I'm going to buy.

-my acquisition of new sock yarn. Yes - I said SOCKS. I'm going there people. You can't leave me alone for a second!!

-Kim's teenage daughters, who in my opinion could run their own yarn store right now and make me want to teach the girls to knit and quick; one of them has even modeled for a magazine promo of The Alpaca Yarn Company

-one of their customers finished THE most gorgeous sweater/jacket that night (shown in the middle of the table in the picture) pretty trim and all. I tell you, when she put that sweater on...you'd think I'd been watching her knit it stitch by stitch all along. That's how thrilled I was for her. She got big hugs and kudos from the knitting gurus there too. It was lovely. We had a moment. Wish you could have been there.

So...I was inspired yet again to start compiling these stories for my dream publishing of the "Yarn Tour of America" book..but apparently, that book already exists. Ah well...back to the fantasy career drawing board.

I wonder if Beth would loan me a couple of Alpacas?

Apr 10, 2006

Take the Color Quiz If You Dare


I'm admittedly a sucker for these things...but I read on another blog how accurate this Color Quiz is and I just had to find out for myself. Let's just say it's like the person who created this got me very very drunk and then persuaded me to let them read my journal.


Your Existing Situation
Volatile and outgoing. Needs to feel that events are developing along desired lines, otherwise irritation can lead to changeability or superficial activities.

Your Stress Sources
Feels that life has far more to offer and that there are still important things to be achieved--that life must be experienced to the fullest. As a result, she pursues her objectives with a fierce intensity that will not let go of things. Becomes deeply involved and runs the risk of being unable to view things with sufficient objectivity, or calmly enough; is therefore in danger of becoming agitated and of exhausting her nervous energy. Cannot leave things alone and feels she can only be at peace when she has finally reached her goal.
(tapping my nose - spot on)

Your Restrained Characteristics
Feels rather isolated and alone, but is too reserved to allow herself to form deep attachments. Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense.
Circumstances are forcing her to compromise, to restrain her demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things she wants.

Your Desired Objective
Seeks freedom from problems and a secure state of physical ease in which to relax and recover.
(yes!! the pursuits of conventional adult life are really quite taxing for me!)

Your Actual Problem (ugh - didn't even take me to dinner first)
The fear that she might be prevented from achieving the things she wants increases her need for security and freedom from conflict. Is therefore seeking stability and an environment in which she can relax.

Whew!! You gotta love free cyber therapy. Try it out - let's jibber jabber about what you find out about YOU.

Stash 'n WIPs and Edna Jones

Seven whole days, without a word from you..." - Toni Braxton

I don't have anything witty or profound to write about in today's post (now you're scrolling back on the sidebar thinking "Hold up! When did she write something witty or profound!?? Did I miss that post???")

Just wanted to flash my stash and show what's on the needles...Ry Diggy was here for a visit, digital camera in tow...so I took advantage of that fact and borrowed it to take these (don't worry, I fed him, s'all good) :

This 3-level shelf shows the mounds and bags of yarn that my darling hubby expects I should use up completley before I buy any more yarn. If you knit or crochet, or have a "stash" of any kind...you know exactly how laughable that is. I do know that Target has good deals on some other space saver shelving and Rubbermaid tubs though...It's a sickness - don't try to understand.

Your eyes do not deceive you...on the left side of Adachi's Top Down Cardigan, that is in fact a sleeve. Well, it's the start of a sleeve. My goal for this one is to add my own touches in the coloring (the pattern shows a solid, but that much stockinette with no changes would make me batty). I'm just coming up with striping as a I go. I'm also going to attempt intarsia by making a big heart on the back. Cross your fingers. Oh - and let me just say for the record...I've had it up to here with cotton yarn. Historical references not withstanding, I don't think I was meant to handle this much cotton in this short a span of time.....And so, if you can't be with the yarn you love honey, start lovin' on some NEW yarn!

This is my Booga Bag. If you do a search for this pattern online, I would bet you come up with a thousand hits easily. Seems like I read about it so much that the Noro yarn actually called to me from the shelf in the Knutty Knitter yarn store in Harrisburg, PA last week. Can I just say - wool is where it's AT! I have been missing out. This is going to be my first felting adventure too, so this shot will serve as the before picture. When it's felted and dried I'll model it for ya.

That does it for the crafty bizness. I leave you with this...When I'm in my 50's, I wanna be charismatic and gorgeous like Oprah (I won't kid myself by coveting the cash). When I'm in my 60's, gimme some of that Tina Turner shimmy shake, and I'll take the legs too, thank you very much. And when I'm 80...I want the courage of Mrs. Edna Jones. Edna Jones was seated right behind me last week when I flew from Harrisburg, PA on my way home. She and her daughter were flying to Atlanta to see Edna's grandson...but get this, this was Edna's FIRST flight EVER!! She will be 80 years old this November (good month) and she told her daughter that she wanted to "try something new". I was so struck by that kind of gumption and adventurousness that I had to take her picture.

Thanks Edna & Bonita for letting me be so nosey, and inspiring me to keep on trying new things. I hope you had an amazing trip and that you get the chance to take many more together!

Apr 3, 2006

Some Finished Objects & Other Babbling

So...minus some crocheted picot edging, the Cotton Classic Jumper is now wearable! Naturally I didn't finish it in the insane 16-day marathon knitting triumph I had planned, but it's done, and I love the way Mizan looks in it. She kept asking me "when are you going to put it over my head mommy?"I have to say that, contrary to what I would have thought, the knitting went faster on this as I got closer to the end. Lots of stockinette stitching though, and honestly, I think I'm getting weary of cotton yarn, though it is mui kid and Florida friendly. I learned too that I will be more creative (and significantly braver) next time and ask more questions about manipulating patterns. It turns out I could have finished this much sooner and with much less seaming had I knit it in the round. Knit 'n learn my friends, knit 'n learn!

Here's a crocheted little ditty that I'm happy with (oooh...with which I am happy?...). Not because it was especially difficult, but because I didn't use any pattern to make it, and I finished it in less than an hour. I was the Game Leader at my sister's baby shower this past weekend, and so I stayed with her to help put everything together and keep her happy and hydrated (it's getting hot y'all!). I haven't picked up a crochet hook in quite some time, but the rhythm came back strong once I got started. I learned about crocheting in the round a while back, and now I know that you can pretty much make a hat (beenie, roll brim, or otherwise) very quickly this way. No fuss, no muss, no seaming. Love it.

In other knitting news (yes this is a fiber- heavy post, the queue was backed up).

I am making serious headway on Adachi's cardigan. I finally finished a ball of the lilac yarn and now I'm on a bright pink stripe. Again on this one, I'm doing something a little different than what the pattern calls for (oh dear, there's that preposition again). I'm a dangerously ambitious newbie - watch out there now! I saw in a post on my favorite knitting forum that someone suggested to skip the button holes on a child's cardigan and just sew buttons directly on the button band, then put snaps underneath them. In that way the wearer has the satisfaction of opening and closing the sweater all by themselves (and they love that!). I actually wish more of my own clothes just had snaps...but I digress.

All is well, and I'm traveling again this week. I'll be in Harrisburg, PA browsing new yarn stores...err --cough--meeting some potential clients that is. This is not a long flight, but even on the short ones I seem to have a very soothing effect on my airline seat neighbors, so the view to my right will most likely look something like this...

Blessings on ya - send me a shout out with some of your latest works, musings, and even works in progress that you just know you're going to get done very very soon. MWAH