Oct 2, 2006

Ok, On Three........Awwwwww

As promised, Rayna's mommy and daddy sent me photos of her modeling the Girlfriend Swing Coat I made for her (thank you Tylers!!). These photos don't need much preamble, so....

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I think little Rayna likes it too

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I was so grateful to have the chance to knit this. It challenged me, and I came out of it alright; happy to know that someone I really like is wearing something I really made! Loverly.

One day I'll be better about writing up project stats, but for now, if you want to know anything about how this was knit, pattern, yarn, etc, nudge me in the comments and I'll gladly send you the info!

Back in Milwaukee today and tomorrow! Missing you much, but I'll be home soon - MWAH!