Oct 9, 2006

The Year of the Blog

It's official - Happy Blogiversary to me!

Yep, approximately 365 days since I timidly started this blogging thingy. Funny how it all started, I was chatting with my friend Nancy about how to get her crafty creations out to the masses via cyberspace. Resourceful as always, she found information on these free web posting things called blogs, emailed me info on how to start one and away we went!

So...although I have no staggering news to share or prizes to give away, and no cool contests here, but reflection does have its place. Here are a few things I've really enjoyed about having a blog:

  • Complete strangers have read what I have written in an exhaustive stupor and then respond with such positivity that I can't help but to grin all over myself
  • Waiting in airports is not nearly as tedious when I can write about something, read comments about that thing, and then link to other very interesting (although sometimes completely unrelated) posts written by someone else...the distraction factor of blogging is paramount.
  • Gone are my fears of the "blind-meetup"; the people I have met in person because of blog comraderie and following site links from my blog have just re-affirmed my faith in genuine human coolness.
  • Though not everyone who visits my blog shouts out in the comments, I know somehow that they come by every now and then because they care about what's happening on my side of the planet (and to see the photos of yarn). Warm & fuzzy feelings abound.
  • This blog has been a much needed creative outlet. I get excited when the itch to post hits me...and when Blogger is cooperating and I can actually load words and pictures of My Life As It Happens, I get a rush from that that my techy job doesn't always provide.
  • There is a certain accountability to writing about doing something (fasting, knitting, increasing my gratitude), then knowing that once people read it, the burden is now on me to actually do it - I crave that...and I'm thankful that I've received the rewards of those things by sharing them with you!

Thanks to each of you that has been a part of this year of babbling I call a blog!

For my blog sibs out there, peeking into your worlds through your words and pictures has been a great pleasure for me - thank you for sharing! For my blogless buddies who still make time to come out here and look, thank you for your time! And to those of you that visit here consistently and inspire me with your feedback, thank you for your love and your light.