Oct 17, 2006

MY NEW BUTTON (and some bonus beats)

Good morning fine people!!

I have the pleasure this morning of featuring the talents of one of my very very good friends, lovingly knows as Mr. 'Sheed(a dapper young man, but if you'd ever met him, you would know that the "Mr" is well-deserved). I have seen some of his graphics work over the years and he continues to blow me away (he writes poetry too ladies *swoon*). He's a fellow
Rattler and just a generally great person. I was thrilled when he agreed to create a button for my blog. Now...I wish I still had the original email request I sent him to do this for me because it would really show you how he took my very random instructions and made them into art. It went something like this ..."Ahhhh...I want it to include some color, and...um, maybe it should combine the things that I'm into, mostly knitting and yoga..and...errr... it should be small, you know...button size?" Sheesh. Well, he's a natural, so he came up with this

Don't you love it??

It's yours for the taking darlings! (just save to your own server please). Post it, share it, use it at will. If you or someone you know is in the market for some outstanding graphics work...let me know, and I'll be sure that you and Mr. Mustakeem get in touch! He promises he'll have his own blog up soon!


Because we can all use a little rythmic distraction now and then, check out this little ditty. (Thanks to my also ultra talented friend Gia who first shared this with me...you ought to see what SHE can do with some drums...more on that another time.)