Oct 23, 2006

Vacation Photos

I have the pictures back from our trip!

I have included them here as a Flickr Slideshow so you can browse them at your leisure. Thanks to everyone who already left comments. You guys make me blush (though it may be hard to tell..hee hee).

Our trip highlights included a trip to Hershey, PA to be surrounded by all things chocolate (even the ketchup, I kid you not); cool nights on the patio with the Tylers and TOO good wine; watching the cutie pies get along like they've always been friends with Rayna; climbing around the rock outcrop in Central Park; strolling through Hershey Gardens; the crunch of colorful leaves underfoot; and of course - the joy of being right there with my little ones during the take off of their first flight!

Have a great week everyone! I have an afghan to work on, so my posting may be limited (I need to be mostly done with it in less than 1 month - don't you just love my delusional knit schedules???).