Oct 13, 2006

Vacation Mathematics

Hello All!
I'm sending just a quick update about our vacation for now...More details soon.
We arrived in New Jersey Tuesday evening, then drove over to Hershey, PA on Wednesday (yes, that Hershey...I can't even begin to tell you). We're traveling with my co-worker and his family, and he and I had actual work to do on Thursday and Friday, while hubby and the kiddies did some touring.

There are schools of thought that believe math is the basis of all things, so I thought I'd use that theme to share some vacation math with you. ..

Principle #1
The number of Fritos remaining in the bag is inversely proportional to the width of the upper thigh in inches (it also has a direct relationship to the number of completed knitted rows...knit, purl, crumb, knit, purl...)

Principle #2
The amount of joy a toddler experiences at taking their first flight is multiplied exponentially by the number of toddlers included in the equation (double your fun!)
Click here to see a video

Principle #3
The cuteness factor is also multiplied exponentially by the number of toddlers included in the equation.

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Principle #4
When on vacation, the number of parents must always exceed the number of chilren under 4 feet tall by at least 1; an exception applies if the adult is "high" on crisp autumn air and lulled into taking on any challenge.

Principle #5
There is a common theory that increased absence increases the fondness of the heart, however, nearness also has it's place.

Many more photos to come (my other camera is an SLR, you know the deal)