Oct 24, 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding (Part 1)

(Because I'm sure to be writing about this again when it actually happens)

I hosted and attended my best friend Neicey's Bridal Tea this past weekend. Such a great afternoon at a lovely Tea Room called Tea at Lily's, complete with antique decor, country charm, and a sweet British proprietor who treated us like the group of sophisticated and cultured women we are (mostly). Fine china, finger sandwiches and rich desserts, we had it all! And most importantly, we made many a toast and tribute to my dearest friend.

On November 18th, she will be marrying Mark...a person I have quickly grown to love; at first his appeal came mostly from the fact that he makes Neicey SO happy, but then he stepped up to become part of our family in his own right. He and hubby get along really well too, and you know that always helps when us girls want to sneak away and talk about the really juicy stuff - like...um them, for example.


The highlight of an already amazing afternoon was to see so many other people honoring someone I already admire so much. A very close second though was her reaction to my gift. Typical Neicey, she was browsing in Marshalls and found something she thought I would like and immediately bought it for me. It's the book Hollywood Style Knits by Suss Cousins. Ultra hip, and not to complex patterns in there. Neicey pointed out the Funky Purse pattern as something she really like. I just giggled to myself - visions of a gauge swatch already dancing in my head. I knit the purse and lined it with some Chinese Silk fabric and added a flower and some bamboo handles. I added the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (I really *heart* that book), and WAHLA! She opened it and gasped, and I even heard someone say she was getting teary-eyed, but I can't confirm that. Suffice it to say that I was SO pleased that she liked it, and that for once I was able to keep something a secret until just the right moment. Her appreciation made every loving stitch (and every needle prick) worth it.


Love you Neicey! Can't wait to get my dancing shoes on and stand next to you on W Day!