Sep 29, 2006

From The Mouth of Babes

Two really good ones this week

The Setup: Hubby has started his homeschooling efforts full scale this month. From what we've read, everyting is a learning experienc, and you must be prepared and patient to answer your little one's questions.

[I overheard this exchange in the kitchen while working in my home office]

Adachi: Daddy, why is it called a GRAND mother?

Dad: .....

Adachi (5yo): Why is it GRAND in front of the mother part?

Dad: Well...It has to do with their wisdom. They have so much wisdom that they are GRAND mothers

Mizan (3yo): NOOOOOO Dadeeeee...that's not right!!

Adachi: Let's ask mommy. She'll know. She's the smartest one in the house!

*sigh* So young and brilliant. (snicker)

The Setup: Pre-teeth brushing exchange between the girls and I (we always have some doozies standing around the sink)

Adachi: Mommy...I think that if everyone in the world was just like me, this world would be -

Mizan: Perfect!!

Adachi: Um, no Meezee. Um..Mommy, if all the people in the world were like me, they would be -

Mizan: Onterrugent (Intelligent)!

By this point Adachi and I have collapsed in happy giggle fits at the adoration of a little sister.

Goodness me! They do just make it all worth it, don't they!