Oct 30, 2006


Hello darlings!
It's been a while, and I'm posting now to say...it's going to be a while!

I found out late Friday night that my "real" job is closing our division and my services (and that of several others) are no longer needed. Now...I'm in no way freaked out by this (yet), and I have been through this a time or two before, so I consider this just another detour on the journey, with new things to see and do on the next route.

I do have to minimize some of my online activities though, mostly because hours of job searching can just suck the fun out of being in front of the computer. Also, since my time will be split between job hunting and working part time at my local yarn store (yes, you read that right), I won't be blogging regularly for the next few weeks.
I have projects on the needles to tend to though, and a wedding coming up...so I should have some nice photos to share when this little hiatus is over.

I'm thinking of you, and I'll be visiting with you in the cybersphere and otherwise whenever I can. But in the mean time - BE WELL!!