Mar 31, 2006

I'm Surrounded

Like many of you, I visit certain people's blogs daily. Somehow, in this blogging ether, we can still find connections with the people we thought we already knew well, and discover new and amazing reasons to admire them even more. I have some knitting stuff waiting in the queue to post about, but I want to take a "time out" to spotlight a few of the entries I was blessed to read just today...

From the Stairway...My girl Kelli has Seinfeld beat down! She writes about things that we take for granted, but by turning a phrase she makes these mundane fer instances and situations into profound observations that are the other side of hilarious. Check out her latest post for a good chin scratch and giggle (I laughed right out loud).

On Emerald Lane...I cannot tell a lie...I literally close my eyes right before Nancy's blog loads so that the pictures of her latest sewn creations will just smack me in the eyes; she never fails to amaze me. One of her latest posts that I really enjoyed talks about what inspires her. Her modesty is so becoming, and I love reading about her feelings on what she takes in, and how it shows in what she puts out. (Oh and you must read all about Scatter and Petunia)

You've got to hear from Mau...I dubbed him the information broker. He turns research into an art form, literally.
In one of his recent entries, he talks about a significant work from the late Ralph Ellison. There is a passage near the end of the post that I had to read twice. It was just that powerful. Here's just a snippet: "What does American society mean when regarded out of my own eyes, when informed by my own sense of the past and viewed by my own complex sense of the present?" Please read the whole thing, you won't regret it.

I'm surrounded by talent, and inspiration, and beauty, and the warmth that comes through friendship with brilliant people who share their gifts and add small chunks of wonderful to my day.