Mar 6, 2006

My first Stitch-n-B****

**title censored just in case my mom ever actually reads this blog**
So yesterday a girlie get together plan actually came to fruition. I had Kelli & Tanya over to, well, SnB. We haven't roped Kelli into knitting yet, so no stitching for her (none for us either as it turned out) but we all had a great time chatting, fondling each other's yarn, and trading book tips. We even found time to eat and sip some wine! Hubby was out in the yard working on Old Reliable's brakes with our next door neighbor, whose daughters were inside playing with our girls. The 10 year-old, Chris has actually just learned to knit recently from her grandmother. Um...can you guess that I got a little excited??! Yeah. She and her sister are both home schooled, super smart and ultra polite. I see many play dates in our future...for the girls of course!! It's just a total bonus that Chris would love to learn how to knit better by practicing with me. What a treat.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story, but note that it is day 11 of my Cotton Classic Jumper Challenge and (drum roll) the front is done!! The light at the end of this tunnel just flickered a little brighter....thanks again to Kel for the fantastic photography:

That blanket was on the horse I rode on our trip to Cozumel last fall - two things I'm quite proud of in one shot.

Mizan takes up the sticks

Tanya's Work in Progress - a hooded jacket with this amazing yarn