Mar 16, 2006

A Crochet Creation

I found out about The Crochet Dude (Drew Emborsky) early in 2005 while I was struggling with my first "fer really real" crochet pattern. I was having a really tough time understanding the pattern repeats, and apparently this dress was just rows and rows of the same confusing 5 or 6 lines. It was seriously like learning a strange new language (ch3, sc in the next ch-3 spc, ch3, skip the next sc, dc in the ch3 spc from the prev row, cont for 8 patt rows, ch 3, turn, repeat). Como se llama whoo-what??! I finally gave in and did a google search for "crochet" (or "crochet + HELP ME"...something like that) and I found Drew's site. I used his contact link to email him the segment of the pattern that was confounding me - this after 3 failed attempts and ripping out no less than 15 or so rows to re-start each time. I didn't really think I'd hear back, but he emailed the pattern back to me with his "English" translation below each line. The first non-potholder crochet creation in all it's camera phone fuzziness -

The pattern is called "Sheer Delight" from a Family Circle knitting and crochet book I found in the library.

Special thanks to my girl Kiesha who helped me find just the right "cover your bi'ness camisole". And Dude - MWAH! (fan for life)