Mar 24, 2006

Miles, Maladies, Middle Seats & Mountains

That pretty much sums up my last week. I travel for work...let me rephrase, I travel ALOT for work, which I didn't actually realize until the last 5 days. I left Florida on Monday morning at 9:30AM. It's now 12:55AM Friday morning (ET) and in that nearly 5 day span I have been from West Palm Beach to Atlanta to Chicago to Milwaukee back to Chicago to Salt Lake City and heading back to Atlanta for a lay over before I fly back home to West Palm Beach.
Yeah....I know. Thank God for the consistency of Marriott's across the nation.

But aside from the miles I've covered, I've been through an entire range of emotions on this trip as well. Anger at my flight disruption (I was supposed to leave Sunday), joy at the extra time I ended up having at home as a result. Fear of that tickle in my sinus that meant a cold was coming on just as I boarded my first flight. Delight at reaching Chicago and connecting with a new friend. Anxiety just before our Tuesday morning client meeting ("You'll have to excuse me...AAAAACHOOO...I seem to have a bit of a ::cough::cough:: sniffle coming on, so you'll forgive me Mr. Client if I don't -AA-CHOO - shake your hand ::cringe::"). Loneliness and misery during the "bad" night - you know the one you always get when the cold turns into a flu and you realize you're in the stage where your body just has to work it's way through the virus battle? Yeah - it's amplified to the nth degree when you can't even cry into the pillows on your own bed. Adoration and love for a hubby who answers the phone at 4AM like he's been awake just waiting for my "I can't take this anymore and I want to come home NOW" desperation call. Pride and relief when the flu symptoms subside and the second client meeting goes off with a bang. Wonder at the sight of the Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah - can that enormity really be part of the same country as the pines and sandy beaches I left back home? Joy and anticipation at the thought of squeezing my girls and telling them - now it's zero sleeps until mommy gets home my darlings, I'm finally here.

Seems like there were as many thoughts and feelings and memorable moments as there were miles this week. Thanks for stopping by on your own journey through your week. Enjoy these photos of my trip to the breathtaking mountains of Utah. For kicks, why not write and tell me about some of the ground you covered this week (emotionally, physically, and otherwise). I'd love to hear about it. Until next time!