Mar 14, 2006

Flowers for Kelli

My sister-girl Kelli is moving away.
Thousands of miles away.
And I'm not sure I'm able to tell her how sad, and thrilled, and devastated and excited I am about it . When in doubt...write it out.

My mother says "give people their flowers before they're gone".

Kel, these flowers are for you, in no particular order:

10 Things I Love About You:
1. You are a friend I can say anything to; you listen, but never judge.
2. You're stunning...and you don't even know it, which just adds to your beauty.
3. You hardly ever speak without thinking through your words first.
4. Your love for your mom is award-worthy. I hope you get that back one day in triplicate.
5. There isn't much you won't try, but you are steadfast in your convictions.
6. You do things at just the right time.
7. You have never given a bad gift. Ever.
8. Your hugs speak louder than your words.
9. You are much so that you inspire loyalty in others.
10. You do friendship right, just by being your beautiful self.

We miss you already...