Mar 3, 2006

Two Words...Shape Armholes (shudder)

Progress on the jumper is very encouraging at the moment. I've completed at 110 rows (14.5") on the side that will be the back (on the "front" I'll be a pattern pro and those stitches are bound to look more worthy of showing off, right? Right?! Anyone....? Bueller?) Well, that's my story...

Here are some shots taken today at the home of my colleague. His lovely wife indulged me and took some progress shots of the jumper (You notice a trend here? I must have quite the pitiful look when I gush about my inspires such kindness). I'm knitting a sweater for their 14 month old princess and I hope it will be worthy of their hospitality. The yarn is a treasure I found in Huntingdon Valley, PA on a business trip. Anyhoo...the Cotton Classic Jumper now looks like this:

You see those curling edges? Someone is really going to have to do something about those when it comes time to seam this thing...ha! I pity the fool who has to tackle that! (whimper)

One more shot - this is a close up of the 3x1 ribbing that makes up the bodice. Seems funny to call it a "bodice" when it's on an item for a 3 year old...sounds so womanly. Ah well, I'm honored to cover said bodice with a handmade token of love.

Next step - armhole shaping. Not sure why this worries me the way it does. Maybe because it's a critical element. The one that will turn this into something that looks closer to the finished product - a dress. Instead of what it looks like now - a badly misshapen scarf blob thing. Well I'm going to reckon with this next step with gusto. This project is 90% attitude! The other 10% is ripping out and restarting while mumbling bad words you don't want your toddler to associate with knitting or to repeat. Stitching on!

Today's Affirmation: I draw toward me the best things in others by offering them those things from myself.