Oct 16, 2007

BrownBerry Chronicles: Year 2

Sometimes things occur to me while I'm doing the most mundane activities. While washing the dishes tonight I had this stream of consciousness-type moment that went something like this.

What was my last blog post about? Oh yeah, the second part of the Round Table. Knitting bags. Did I put that knitting bag back in my office? I really should get working on my next post. Those comments were really good, should check my notes for the next topic. What day is it? Geez, it's October already. Feels like something is happening this week that I'm forgetting. A birthday maybe? Wait. It's October. I think I started blogging in October. Hmmm...Seems right. I think I missed my blog-iversary!

Dishes done, hands dried, and I ran in here to check. Yep. My first post was written in October of 2005. Back then this blog was called Living My Why. In retrospect, that title would still fit most of the current content, but admittedly, it was much less a knitting blog back then. I like what it was though, and I also like what it has become. The word "knit" still doesn't appear in the title or description, but you all know what I go on about - I'm still out here retelling my life tales and working through the yarns of my stash. For now, that's just the way I like it.

Finished Projects 2007

I think the best way to appreciate something is to really revel in it while it's happening. That's something I'm working on doing better - being more "in the moment". My more natural inclination is to look back and to look ahead. In my view, celebrating a blog-iversary is about all of those things, so I'll chronicle some of that here.

At the beginning of this second year, I still wasn't too set on who I was writing for out here. Me? My readers? I was just as likely to post pictures of family as I was to post pictures of fiber. No themes, not many recurring topics, and certainly no commitment to this being just a "knitting blog". I've even looked back at the way I once posted project information. Let's just say I was not the detail fanatic I've turned into now. Back then, there was no Ravelry, so my project selection was a bit more hit-or-miss. My posting was more irregular too. I do notice, however, that many of my readers from that time are STILL loyal visitors today - THANK YOU for that.


Simply put, I'm a knitting blogger who spouts off about life in general. Now I've got the Round Table, and From the Mouth of Babes, Super Saturdays and These are the Good Old Days as recurring topics. Now I can't wait to photograph an FO and fill in every little note I can think of, in the hopes that it will help the next person who might want to make what I've made. Now there IS Ravelry, and that has shaped my current To Do list for crafting in a BIG way. I'm suddenly very aware that what I post here about a project can be seen by hundreds (thousands?) of other knitters and crocheters at any given time. Now I feel funny when more than a week has passed without a new blog post. A special treat is that my blogger buddy list has grown too. It still catches me off guard just how much time I can spend peeking into the world of others through their writing. What a treat! Now I feel more adventurous in what I'll say and do in general here at My Place. I think I owe that last part to those of you who keep coming here and sharing your thoughts and encouragement with me - THANK YOU for that too.

Ribbed Beanie

Another year of blogging feels like the right thing. I'm in no way tired of this habit, and I'm grateful for where it has taken me. I'm positive I wouldn't write this much if it were just left to filling pages in a journal. This feels like a good direction, so I'm going with it. Next in knitting? Who knows? So much more is out there. That's at the heart of this art - it really could unfold forever. What promise that thought holds! Next hobby? Methinks a podcast! Would you believe it? I've had this bug in my bonnet for a while now, and I've come up with a name, an outline and a Master Plan for a podcast to run next year. It's my goal to do it as a one year project exploring our Creative Community (oh yes my non-knitting friends, this will most certainly include you too). I get all goose pimply just thinking about it.


Thanks for reminiscing with me. This journey really IS more fun with you along for company.

Happy Blogiversary toooo meeee....