Oct 9, 2005

A Creative Inlet...At Last

For anyone who has just started their own blog recently, I wonder if you can relate - coming up with a blog name is HARD. Rambling on in writing I can do...but deciding on a title for all the things that I may think to write about or show on an internet site...sheesh! Glad I've done it now though, and for posterity I'll clarify the name. My blog is called Living My Why because this is my year of "discovery", if you will. My hubster (the incredible Denzel look-alike I affectionately call Drew-bee) has been doing alot of motivational reading lately. He's an entrepeneur-in-training on the brink of greatness. One of his books suggested that life is all about the choices we make, and that we can find much satisfaction if we can convincingly anwer the question, "What is Your Why?". So my quest is to be able to answer that question with conviction, and to live the answer every day. Plus..having a blog is just plain neat.