Oct 11, 2007

What's (In) Your Knitting Bag? Interview Part 2

This is Part 2 of my interview with Sean on the subject of Knitting Bags and the goodies inside them...Feel free to go back and read Part 1 and answer in either post (or both!) to be part of the round table discussion)

I can't get enough stich markers. What do you keep buying more of?
I take it yarn is a given. ;-) I will second your stitch marker vote, although my Bubbie gave me ALL of her knitting supplies since she can't knit anymore and I now have like 10 little cases of them, but can I find them? Course not. And even still, I find different KINDS of stitch markers that I HAVE to buy like the little purple and green rubbery ones from Clover, surely need those. I always lose my blocking pins immediately after purchase, too, so there's probably 80 boxes of those in my apartment. And needles.... I can't ever seem to have enough needles!


Anything missing? What's on your wish list for non-yarny goodies? A Namaste Messenger bag!!Speaking of which..... I normally buy myself a pair of shoes for my birthday, but this year might just be my new Namaste bag! Hmmmm! I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it! I would like to expand my Susanne's Needles, too, but would also like to expand my KnitPicks Options needle kit, especially now that they have wood, those cheeky buggers. Other than that, I think I'm set until the next time I go browsing online. OMG DUH! SWIFT AND WINDER!!!! Need them SO BAD. SO VERY BAD.

If/when you go on a yarn diet, do tools and patterns count?
Heck no. How could one possibly survive a yarn diet without the occasional magazine, pattern, or other yummy fiber-related treat? It's cruel and inhuman to even suggest it!

Matching Knit Bags 2

Any recommendations or advice on supplies for the newbie fiber fanatics? Well, I would say once a newbie is certain they are planning on sticking with knitting, they should really invest in one of the KnitPicks Options kits and while they're at it, get to know and love KnitPicks in general. I would have saved a small fortune had the kit been out a couple years ago; and just about all of us know how amazing KnitPicks' prices are for yarn. Make that one of the first stops. ;) Also, for knitters on a budget,it is imperative to find and visit a real yarn store (or 10) even if only to fondle and sniff, and that is actually a segue into my last recommendation, which is to find knitter friends because they are some of the best folks you will EVER meet. Most knitting stores will have social gatherings just for knitting, ideally with no pressure to buy or anything, and the friendship and sharing is truly one of the very best parts of the craft. If not at a store, find a group somewhere! We're everywhere! And, just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting! :-D OH! One last one, that I can't leave out: Show some love to the boy knitters! :)

And that ends our interview. Thanks a bunch Sean!! Thanks to you, there will be more of this type of thing to come!

You can freely chime in here dear readers or say your piece over in the Part 1 post -

What's (In) Your Knitting Bag?