Oct 9, 2007

For the Knitter Who Has Everything

...and finds herself on a yarn-buying diet (57 days and counting).

What could be better than NEW YARN?!

No no, I didn't cave in, I actually won some scrumptious Artfibers Kyoto yarn by knitting - the irony. I won by turning this yummy yarn into a neckwarmer:

Schulana Cashmere Trend 006

At the beginning of September, I started knitting some quick projects and entered them in the Stash and Burn One Skein Contest. Very simple concept - just knit and submit. With other fervent knitters like Crafty Carolyn in the pool (she knit 16 items!), I really didn't think I stood a chance. But apparently one project is all it took.

Luxe Neck Warmer Complete

So let me take this opportunity to thank Nicole and Jenny and to promote their most excellent podcast, their Flickr group, and each of their blogs - Jenny is here and Nicole is here. There's a Stash & Burn Groupies group on Ravelry too, so choose your medium. There is a contest for October to knit with sock yarn - make sure you enter!

Luxe Neck Warmer Complete 003
Luxe Neckwarmer from Knit2Together book
Schulana Cashmere Trend Yarn (100% Cashmere; 63 yds/ball)

As for me, I'm so pleased that I could do a cartwheel.

As a matter of fact...I think I will.