Oct 11, 2007

What’s (In) Your Knitting Bag? Let's Discuss...

Every fiber fanatic knows that this hobby comes with a wealth of “goodies”; accessories, non-yarny bits and pieces that become necessary implements the longer we pursue this art we call a craft. For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll refer to these items as tools, the little bonus items that supplement our actual stitching. Yes I’m talking about tape measures and row counters and those adorable little rubber socks that we squeeze onto the ends of our needles to keep stitches from sliding off. There’s the stitch markers, the nail files, and the folded copy of our current traveling pattern.

I purposely titled this discussion “What’s (in) Your Knitting Bag” because I really want to hear about 2 things – What is your preferred type of knitting tote? Is it big and felted, or just small enough for a single sock project?
Secondly, just what have you got in there? If you’re just starting out as a knitter – dream big! What would you stock your ultimate knitting bag with if you could?


So I’m changing up the round table a little bit this time…I’m going to kick off the discussion with an interview, which I will post in two parts**. My darling
Sean agreed to help me out by answering some of my questions related to his Knitting Bag. This gives me the chance to highlight him as one of my knit blogger buddies, and to shed some light on what this particular knitter can’t do without.

Where can we find you in blogland?
When did you first start blogging?My very first fiber-related blog post was November 7, 2005.
How long have you been knitting?
I never get this right, but if my first blog post was November 2005, that means I started knitting that year and it was around Mother's Day I was first inspired, but it didn't stick until the men's issue of Knitty. Let's go with just over 2 years.

Are you double dipping? Do you crochet too?

I knew how to crochet long before I knew how to knit, but don't do much anymore. It does come in handy that I know both, though, and I do like it for quick charity projects.

What has been the primary thing that has kept you working with fiber so far?
I guess first and foremost, it gives me an excuse to buy pretty, soft, colorful yarn. ;) This is the longest I have ever stuck with any hobby, though, and I think the thing that really keeps me going is I never feel like I am a "complete" knitter; there are always new things for me to learn and try, whether it be techniques, tools, fibers.... Also, this is really the very first crafty hobby where I can look at my handiwork and allow myself to admire it and really feel like I've done something well, and that's huge for me.

Stitches MW Yarn 027

Let's talk totes – do you have one knitting bag or many?
Many. I do have a primary and secondaries though. ;-)

If you could have any type of knitting bag, what would it be like?

I really just want a Namaste Messenger bag!!! To me, that seems perfect for many reasons. I of course love all of the pockets for tools, needles, and accessories, patterns, etc., but far more important is that it is CUTE. I also think it's a great size. My primary bag now is almost too big and I lean towards trying to stuff 40 projects in there with yarn, needles, and patterns for all of them, and wind up with balled up, tangled, and knotted messes. That's not cool.

What "must have" items that I'd find in your knitting bag if I were to dig around in it right now?

I am ashamed to say that few of the must-haves in my knitting bag are knitting related. (giggle) My other obsession outside of the fiber arts is beauty products, what can I say? Of utmost importance is lip care. #1 is kiss me by philosophy (haven't tried it? buy it, try it, love it, thank me later,) and then #2 is My Favorite Lip Balm by C.O. Bigelow in case #1 gets buried. We knit with our hands, of course, so that is also crucial. Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter and Hand Salve can always be found in my bag. Again, others will be there too, Kiss My Face Olive Oil/Aloe and Dionis Sugar Hollow Spice that a darling friend gave to me and I LOVE. I can't forget the contact lens drops, knitting can dry my eyes sometimes. ;-) I also like to keep gum because I get in people's faces a lot when knitting, helping them with stuff or just laughing obnoxiously. :) Now that that's covered, I actually had to look in my bag to see if I had any fiber-related must-haves and there are NONE. I must stipulate, though, that my bag is a mess from a lot of traveling recently. On a good organized bag day, I would have at least one little box of the thin stitch markers, a measuring implement of some sort, and at least one tapestry needle. I also like to keep at least one sock in progress or yarn and needles to start one because you just never know when it's going to be time to knit socks. :)


Thanks Sean – now it’s YOUR turn dear readers. Share with those of us sitting here ‘round the table:

What’s (In) Your Knitting Bag?

**Part 2 of the interview can be found here.