Mar 10, 2007

Presto Change-o!

With pointy sticks, a hook, some time and patience, I somehow managed to turn a $3.49 unfashionable adult pullover from Goodwill into this

Acrylic for Baby Vest2

..then this
Janaya's Yarn_Resized

...and finally, this
Janaya's Tank Top 002_Resized

Janaya's Tank Top 003_Resized

A birthday gift tank for my niece who turns 1 today! Recycled knitting + stash busting + gift giving a product of my two hands - makes you feel good, let me tell ya.

Here's a link to how you too can recycle an "oh no" handknit garment into an "oh wow" handknit keeper! And with this short article - you also get a super easy pattern, and you can join others unravelling and adding great yarns to their collection.

As near as I can figure, this is either Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft Yarn. I made 5 small balls out of the yardage, and only used about 2 of them to make this little ditty. The pattern was generated by Sweater Wizard for the most part. I added the crochet trim to the neck and sleeves, exchanged a ribbed bottom for a rolled one, and put a little girly-ness on it with a simple crocheted flower and bow.

Edited to add - a shot of the tank top modeled!

Up Next....


This Grandma's Blessing scrumptiousness may just become a pair of gauntlets, so I can make a contribution to the Briar Rose Fibers Knit-A-Long! (Warning: if you visit the Briar Rose site, and you look at the yarn pictures there, you WILL buy some yarn. I'm just sayin').

Be well!