Mar 19, 2007


*a tribute to a friend of mine who allowed me to practice a wee bit of French this weekend, and reminded me how cool it is to know another language.

Show and tell today features another completed project that was planned executed and gifted in under 14 days. Gotta love that! It is also represents nearly 600 yards of
stash reduction. Who's giddy with the knitty spirit? That's Me! That's me!

Oh! Pictures...


Modeled by my DD for scale :)


Pattern: Fiber Trends Adult Clogs
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quatro and Heathers (Colors unknown because my stash has eaten the ball bands)
Almost 400 yds of the brown heather, and nearly 200 yds of the burnt orange (knit for a size 8 1/2)
Started: March 11th
Finished: March 17th

I give this pattern 5 stars! Well-written, no errors (at least in the size 8) and when you see the shaping coming's truly knit magic.

My sister tried them on while still wet, and though they're a little big, she says she loves them! She received them just in time for her birthday today (happy 25th sisterberry!). It was the least I could do, after all, 9 months ago she gave me this...