Mar 15, 2007

Have a Magical Day!

Blogger has repeatedly eaten every post I've tried to put out here about our trip to that universe outside our own known as Disney World. I'm attempting one last time, let's hope this will work. Otherwise, someone will have to get Mickey over here STAT to keep me from tossing the computer out the window...

Our youngest turned 4 this past weekend, and these photos show just some of that wonderful experience. The laughter, the sunshine, the junk food splurge-a-thon, and the lasting beam on the face of the birthday princess...good times!

The best part was that Mizan was convinced that the whole thing was one huge birthday party staged JUST for her...and I just couldn't bring myself to tell her otherwise. It helped that she was wearing a Happy Birthday button, so that every park employee would greet her with a "Happy Birthday Mizan!" as we strolled by. Since Auntie Kelli sent her a birthday princess crown, and she was being treated quite royally from the moment she woke up, this all seemed to go with the theme of the day! Add to that her special birthday phone call from Goofy at Magic Kingdom's Town Hall? Well! This was a day of celebration indeed. And may I just say, those Disney types? They have the formula down cold! You'd think they were pumping happy gas out into the open air. Much respect, it was working. Why even hubby was wide-eyed for much of the day. Though I expect that was mostly due to sticker shock, but nonetheless! The girls chose their adventures, and they even made it several hours before we had to start carrying them everywhere. Since the lines were much shorter than we feared thought they would be, the whole thing was truly manageable.

A great set of memories, and a reminder that we make a fabulous foursome. I leave you now with the phrase that pays...

Have a MAGICAL day!!