Feb 23, 2007


Orlando park lighthouse, December 2006

I wish I could climb right into that photo. I settled for a quick yoga session this morning instead. Just some deep breathing and stretching, but yoga has a nourishing ability to "transport" my mind when I need to start a day off just right. Day 5 of eating raw for wellness has begun well...I'm pretty surprised that I haven't had as many cravings or moments of weekness to pop somehting in the microwave or fire up the stove. Or heck, even to tear open a bag of something sweet or salty. I had a couple of "what am I supposed to eat now???" moments, and also some "oh great, salad again" laments, but otherwise, doing fine. I'm committed to the 7 days, and since I'm already a sashimi fan, I think I can extend this even longer...we'll see.

Knit bits....not much to show right now, but I am proud to say that in keeping with my stashalong efforts I've become quite neurotic about using up EVERY yard of the skeins I'm using for my projects. For example, from my younger nephew's sweater leftovers I made this

freestyle beanie for my older nephew

and this

freestyle crocheted coaster (snuggles the tea mug just so)

Since I booked my ticket to Stitches Midwest I have kicked the yarn buying embargo into high gear. This No New Yarn policy does have it's recourse you must understand. I want to be able to completely lose myself in that wall-to-wall fiber filled convention center in August. Hence, no leftovers are safe in the stash, and no new comers are welcome!! (unless they are gifts, which I will accept with great glee) Ha! Next thing you know I'll be making chunky wool ponchos and carrying 3 strands of worsted for a pair of socks. Say I won't!

Mwah! Have a wonderful weekend all!