Mar 14, 2007

See What Happens

...when I go on a "yarn buying embargo"?

All the other little goodies start calling my name...

Clockwise from Top Left

  • Interweave Knits Magazine Spring '07 - I really, really should just subscribe to this..I buy it anyway, but tell myself after each issue that I won't get another one until I've made at least a few projects out of the last issue. Uh huh. Hope springs eternal. I have my eye on the Indigo Ripples Skirt, the Keyhole Top, and the Merry Maiden's Dress. I might even get brave like Nikki and knit the sexy undies in the staff project section (blush!). Green Tea Raglan has caught my eye as well. IK fans out there...What are you guys considering from this issue?
  • Kookaburra Delicate Wool Wash - I maintain high hopes that my Central Park Hoodie fever will pick up again soon, and that means washing and blocking, so I must have just the right wool wash (plus the needles I ordered from KnitPicks seemed awfully lonely in my shopping cart).
  • Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel - widely knows under her blog alias at Glampyre Knits. I know that I'll never be able to share this book with anyone because I've already drooled over enough of the patterns that the text may soon be illegible. Lots of raglan stuff in here; shapely, modern patterns - some with flair and many with just simple elegance. A book that I can see using as a test to make several different projects by one designer and then expand on each with my own "touches".
  • Size 13 KnitPicks Options tips - for my sister's birthday gift.
  • Creative Zen VPlus MP3 player - as though my brain was not already on overload, I have now become a podcast addict as well. NPR's This American Life has great episodes, and for knit bits, I love Cast-On, Unwound, Ready Set Knit, LetsKnit2Gether (a videocast) and many others . Any of you out there have audio favorites to enhance your knit and crochet moments (or non-crafting down time?)
  • KnitPicks Chart Keeper - for my lace project chart. I am going to knit some lace this year. Really. No, I'm serious. I'm not scared. I've got the magnetic chart keeper, what else do I need now?
  • The Knitting Answer Book - It only took 11 people to convince me that I really should have this book; and not only have it, but carry it with me at all times. On a lovely Sunday morning knit & chat with my girl Tanya, I caved and bought it. Glad I did, it's small and handy, and wouldn't you know, it's got answers to questions I've been asking! Highly recommend this one...

Delicious - the whole lot! Not pictured are a crochet magazine and the size 1 and 0 needles I ordered from KnitPicks (lace, remember?! Oh, and maybe socks too). You gotta love a yarn diet for the charming way in which it fills out your notions cabinet and bookshelf, eh?