Mar 20, 2007

Face Lift

Those of you who've been joining me on this written journey for a while have seen the space around here changing slowly but surely for a while. I changed my blog name, put in some new coloring, and just generally tried to make it look more "me". I have my own grumbles about the old Blogger service, and I'm also an html Dummy (that capital D is intentional) any improvements you see out here come with much sweat and toil, except this


and this


These gorgeous renderings of my name, my button, and my blog title are brought to you by my insanely talented friend affectionately knows as Sheed. Now, believe me when I tell you...things like this are CAKE for him. I don't say that to minimize his efforts, I mean that to say it seems to me he can crank this stuff out in his sleep. I said it before, I ask him to do me a favor by featuring some of his talent on my blog in the form of a button and a banner, we talk a little about colors and style, he goes to it with such willingness and comes up with beautiful things I can't show enough gratitude for.

And the best part? For the low low price of $99.99 he'll do it for you too!! Kidding! Well, mostly....I do know that if you're interested in graphics work of this type or something on a larger scale, you can retain his services. Shout me out in the comments or email me directly and I'll make sure you get in touch with him.

Thank you 'Sheed! Much love always.

So get to it! Steal that button, and have yourself a beautiful day!