Jun 27, 2006

Oh No She DIDN'T

EasyV Neck - Glampyre - 1

Oh yes I most certainly DID darlings. That right there is the beginning of a sweater. Now I know that some people with only the highest and most discerning standards for high quality yarn purchases are dry heaving right now at the site of this yarn, but pardon me this mini soliloquy...

I joined some very worthy Stash Busting-a-Longs for Summer (check the sidebar buttons) and while calculating the staggering yardage of my stash, I realized that no less than 40% of it is acrylic yarn. Big honkin skeins of it. Everywhere. Furthermore it's OLD acrylic yarn. Yarn that I bought when I was a completely naive 1st time mom-to-be who just KNEW she was going to have endless hours to fritter away at home with her newborn. Rocking and knitting, nursing and knitting, knitting while dinner simmered away much to her blissful delight. Foolish, foolish girl!! This yarn languished for nearly 5 years in boxes/bags/crates in the garage. It moved from one house to the next in its all its unknit glory. See, in typical Type A / ADD fashion, I didn't just buy a few skeins to try out this new found distraction...err...hobby. I bought every skein in every color Good Old Wal Mart had on it's shelves. And what did I do when I couldn't figure out what needles to buy? Ask my educated crafty fellow shoppers or perhaps a helpful store clerk? HECK NO! I just bought one pair in each size; more plastic and aluminum 14" needles than is safe for a home with a newborn really. I started the front of one triangular wannabe halter top mystery thing (still out there) and that was all she wrote.

Until now. In light of the aforementioned stash busting challenges, and my recent sign up for the Knitting World Cup, PLUS the fact that fasting from food for 7 days taught me quite a bit about my consumption habits in general, I have decided that this yarn must go. This. Yarn. Must. Go. And I don't mean go to some gauge swatch random sampler afghan atrocity that will pill and collect dust in the linen closet. Oh no. This yarn will be USED dangit. Used for things that will be WORN and CHERISHED.sweaters, and wrist warmers, and hats and scarves, and anything else I can think of (mercy - its like 260yds per skein!!).

I made this stash, and now I'm going to roll around in it, needles at the ready!