Jun 24, 2006

Hunger is Not a State of Emergency

Are you just cringing and crying out for some knitting content already? Sorry. Can't help you.

Master Cleanser Day 6 is winding down, and I feel like I could take a cue from it and crawl under something. All the way home from a scrapbooking event today I thought about quitting - more precisely, I thought about F-O-O-D. I had just come from my first public appearance with someone who knew me and hasn't seen me in a while..."Wow girl! You're wasting away!!" she says. Music to my ears? Well, a little, yeah. And I was there, armed with 6 servings of lemonade and fired up. But that was 7 hours ago. Now I'm thinking that the veggie soup hubster made would go down the old gullet right nicely. Like if I just tipped the pot to my face and poured.


Okay then. But I did notice something peculiar though. In the last 2 days I have been in 4 different stores chock FULL of food. Food I like! Today's stop @ Whole Foods was the one I feared the most, but a girl needs her organic lemons to stay the course. Well, when I walked in, I had the same realization I had in the other three places, I saw food all around me. Even saw some people eating food in the cafe. (the nerve!). There was a wine tasting, enticing music, organic cookie samples....but I had no impulse to pick up or even get closer to any of it. No real impulse to GET some food. Just thoughts about eating food and food in general the whole way there, and the rest of the way home. Is it just me, or are there about 246 Dunkin Donuts between my house and...everywhere! Needles to say, my brain was crowded with completely random thoughts like "I really enjoy sushi". "Hmmm, I wonder if I could do the vegetarian thing for a while, then re-introduce fish, like after the 2nd day?" "Would finely chopped carrots make a good breakfast mix?" See what I mean? Mau knows what I'm sayin.

Not to mention that now it turns out I'll be flying on Last Lemonade Day (Day 10), and away from home on the Food Reintroduction Days (11-13). I seriously go back and forth every 5 minutes between quitting and kicking myself for even thinking about it (can you actually even control your thoughts though when you think about it? I mean by the time you realize you've had a thought it's too late really...but I digress).

Positive Mental Attitude. My skin looks amazing. I haven't seen my face this smooth and unweary looking in forever and 4 days. The spots continue to fade (and also itch a little, but I just ascribe that and everything else to being another outlet method for the detox. The first time I fasted, my entire face broke out in a rash...good times). I don't think I've lost anymore poundage just yet, but these jeans are telling me that the shape is shifting. I'm not completely sick of the lemonade and will soon start to employ my diversion tactics to keep guzzling it (a friend once mentioned lemon/syrup/cayenne shots - might have to give that a go). Right now I'm drinking it hot like tea and it's a whole new world bay-beh.

Let's see what Day 7 has in store for us, shall we? Can't be too bad. Only a fraction of what Sean has signed up for, so I won't punk out. And besides, quitting is just for...um...well, quitters. Right? Unless you want to offer some horror story that might justify me turning this Crazy Boat around right now??! No? Okay.

As you were.

ETA: *For those of you considering this fast or another healthy cleanse/diet overhaul, I MUST add that the benefits of this kind of cleansing are in no way reflected in this lunatic raving you read above. This is just the reality of what happens when your brain wakes up to the fact that your body is taking matters into it's own hands and choosing self-preservation. Your brain wants waffles; your body wants to clean house. It's a conflict that can make one say (and write) all manner of things. Don't judge a fast by my personal day-to-day accounts. Try it for yourself. And if you do...share. MWAH