Jul 5, 2006


I'm in Orlando with my sister and my nephew The Right Adorable Joshua Morgan.
And what better way to say "sorry for my radio silence" than to post some baby pictures!

Forgive me? Yes. I thought you might.

And lest you think the crafty chicks have been at rest, fear not...we've been busy!

Handmade hats, journals and jewelry, compliments of my little ones.

Life is good. I have even braved sewing recently(2 pillows and a skirt so far). I have truly caught the bug I tell you. As my work gets more technical, my spirit yearns for more creative outlets. Here's a shot of the machine I'm learning on (circa 1949).

What's new with you? Let me know if you've done some crafting lately using things around the house, or parts of your stash. I'm always open to new ideas, and you see what can be done with paper, yarn, and leftover Easter baskets?? Dream big! If you're not the crafting sort, tell me how YOU break away from the everyday humdrum of this techno-crazy world we live in.