Jun 22, 2006

Tastes Great. Less filling.

Day 3 comes to a close...ETA: 75 hours foodless and I'm still here!
Better than that really, I feel pretty good. Day 3 has historically been somewhat of a turning point for me and others that have done the Master Cleanser. Usually this is the day when your body gets it's wake up call..."Wait a minute...are we seriously not eating? Like for real?? Not even some lettuce!? A mint??? Something??!!" Add this to the fact that if your detox is progressing well (and I gather that mine is), you're starting to hit those little pockets in your digestive system where all your favorite goodies have been hanging out for ages. When that detox tea comes to scrub them out...it can get nasty. Headaches, nausea, low energy and just all around grumpiness are common. I didn't get those symptoms today though, but I'm not out of the woods yet. Days 5 and 7 have their own daunting reputations.

Warning (again): some of this discussion may be more than you ever wanted to know (though I will keep it as constructive as I can), but writing about this is part of the process for me, and for those that are interested I hope you find information you can use.

So, what can I tell you about today....

I have seen the enemy, and it's name is mucus. Ew! Yes, I know, see Warning above. Seriously though, there are schools of thought that say the colon is the center of all wellness or disease, and if it's lining is compromised with excess mucoid material, when you attempt to get rid of it with a cleanse, it hurts like a mo fo' (think cramping on crack). Just can't sugar coat it, sorry. But at the same time, it's truly liberating to say that there was bad stuff in my body, and now I'm kicking it out. Good riddance.

On a less grody note (did you guys say "Grody", or "Grody to the Max" when you were younger? No? Hmph, must be a Canadian thing, eh?)...I'm trying to make this less about the weight loss, and more about the detox, so I tried 2 things today to help it along...I did some
dry brushing and I created my own detox-friendly moisturizer for after showering. It's a combination of olive, coconut, tea tree, lemon, and clove bud oils that I mixed together in a small bottle, then gave myself a good rubbing. Divine! We should pamper ourselves like this more often. Not to mention that I'm trying to skip the conventional deodorants during the fast (gotta love working from home) so I put some in the key areas and No B.O. Rad! (No? Didn't use that one either? Ok. *sigh*)

If you're still reading, kudos. Way to hang in there. I promise there will be some knit chat here shortly.

Things I have already noticed:
-Down 6 pounds since Monday (clearly water weight, the real fat burning comes later and 2 lbs per day is to be expected throughout until you reach your proper weight)
-My eyes have cleared up without Visine or additional sleep (working on that)
-The Mystery Skin Spots have ceased to multiply
-I sleep well and don't wake up feeling hungry (that never ceases to amaze me)

Plans for the coming days:
-MOVE MY A**- can't hurt to burn off some extra calories, especially when my energy level is up
-Drink much more lemonade - I'm always bad about fitting in more than 6 servings
-Read more about vegetarian living - but that will have to wait until AFTER I stop craving things like chicken wings and can resist the forceful urge to swallow one whole while I'm preparing it for the girls.

Interesting Tidbit from the book:
"Even though the lemon is an acid fruit, it becomes alkaline as it is digest and assimilated. It is, in fact, our best aid toward proper alkaline balance. There is no danger [with lemons] of 'too much acid'"
Go lemons!

In Knit News...

I have FINALLY finished knitting Adachi's Cardigan!!

I left it blocking early this morning after a 2:00am finish time with a Love Note next to it for her (to rid myself of all the negative energy brought about by excessive cursing as I neared the end). It's better than I expected! I used Classic Elite Provence cotton yarn in Rosa and Japanese Lilac. This pattern is the Basic Cardigan in Top Down for Toddlers by Cabin Fever. Adachi loves it, which is truly what matters, but I love it too because I was able to try out Fair Isle and Left-handed (Continental) knitting successfully.

I am now free to move about the stash and eliminate other Unfinished Objects.

Send some good vibes and healthy thoughts my way, and I'll gladly do the same. MWAH!