Jun 20, 2006

Consumption Junction

Hi. My name is Marce...and my last food consumption was about 10pm Sunday night the 18th.

That's right darlings, it's Fasting Time again here at Chez Cleansing. Join us won't you? Discussions of a digestive nature are just around the corner, and there may even be some philosophical babbling that will inevitably dissolve into just plain old whining. Intrigued? Read on.

So, as you know my (most adorable and already wise and cuddleworthy) nephew was born last Friday. I started checking the 'ole travel calendar to determine if I could spend some uninterrupted Aunty time with him and lo and behold, entire WEEKS without a plane reservation lay ahead. This meant that
(a) Super Aunty will be heading north for some sisterly rescue
(b) My job truly has some perks, and
(c) Fasting Time is here again !

As I said before, fasting is so much of a mental exercise that one must have the time allowance to go through all the stages without too much else getting in the way. So here I am, on Day 2, closing in on a full 48 hours of no chewing, and I'm feeling alright. For those of you that I haven't yet chatted up about this, here's a photo summary:

Throw in some limes and some sea salt and VOILA! That’s it. That's my diet for the next 10 (or so) days.
You may well ask yourself "Why?? Why would a person NOT eat for days and days on end??" A good question...one I asked myself today in the Super WM grocery aisles as I was picking up produce for the NonFasters I am living with. (When you're not consuming food, society breaks down into 2 groups: you and the NonFasters - fairly simple.) The answer will come in many forms over the next several days as this process always causes me to be somewhat reflective. For now, I will say that it's just time to clean house again. My old familiar cravings and habits have me at a point where I'm not happy with my energy level or my body's condition. And let's face it, no girl likes extra poundage and wobbly bits reminding her of her habitual weakness for chocolate everything.

So we lose the consumptive urges, and more importantly lose the “WHY” of eating and find new, more lasting motivation to fuel the body with food. In this process, I get to really examine things like, when do I get hungry? What usually triggers a craving to eat something yummy but nonsensical? How much does food play into my self-soothing when things are crummy? (quite a bit really). These and other questions will be my sustenance over the course of the fast.

Here’s today's excerpt from my fasting guide The Master Cleanser book by Dr. Stanley Burroughs:

“At last the basic cause of disease is no longer a mystery. The basic cause is the habits of improper diet, inadequate exercise, negative mental attitudes, and a lack of spiritual attunement which combine to produce toxic conditions and malfunction of our bodies.
The elimination of the cause of illness is the obvious and only way to healing and health.”

What’s your most recent health quest or body image revelation? Have you fasted before? If so, what was it like? If not, and you want to join me, be sure to share your experience. I’m all ears…I’m not cooking and I got nuthin’ but time.