May 2, 2006

We're Baaaaaaack

The Smith-Selas contingent are back from our 5-day road trip to Augusta, Ga. We drove up to Jacksonville Thursday and stayed overnight with my dearest friend Kiesha (what a sweetheart!). Friday we continued the drive up to Augusta to attend Kamau and Felicia's wedding.

Come...join me in this brief road trip photo recap.

While my hubby did this...

I did quite a bit of this..

Until it finally looked like THIS!

And in the mean time, the girls did GREAT riding in the back seat. Mizan had plenty of these to offer....

And Adachi entertained us with a little of this...

(Apparently this is called "The crazy car seat dance")

We had So.Much.Fun. I thnk I might turn family road trips into my newest hobby. (that's hobby #456b-01 for those of you keeping track) I'll share some wedding photos just as soon as I get them developed and loaded to CD. And if you want more of a photo fix, check out the picture link on the sidebar. Missed Ya!! Wished you were there :-)