May 6, 2006

Clever Chicks (or "How Not to Waste a Saturday")

I just had to share a few photos of our last 24 hours. Days like yesterday and today remind me how great it is to just get down to the business of mommying (and being mommy-ed for that matter). Last night I went to a scrapbooking night at a church my mom attends. WEEEEEEEE!! Too much fun! I've got the cropping itch back, look out. In the mean time, Grandma Winsome entertained the girls at her house, and I went back there afterward to spend the night. To give you an idea of the saintliness of my mother, she and Pops insisted on sleeping on the blow up bed that I had brought, and had the girls and I sleep in their bed. *sigh* I'm not worthy.

My little ones and I were up early this morning because I had a plan to take them to story time at the Main Library, then maybe the park. Um...Public Service Announcemnt: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. Thank you.

As luck (and early bird-itude) would have it - we got to library right when it opened, then we browsed for an hour and played subtraction games with the librarian at the Reference Desk, which then put us first in line for story time. Turns out we weren't just the first ones in line - we were the ONLY. For one whole hour Ms. Maribella read the girls 5 stories about roosters, hens, and chicks. They did a bean bag dance, a craft, AND watched a movie about Rosie the Hen. Whew!!! I don't think I could have grinned any bigger to see the girls having such fun.

FOR FREE. Just had to point that out.

Afterward, we lugged our 3 heavy bags of books to the car high on life, and floating our way to one of our favorite parks. Since you know I love a photo recap just as much as the next girl, so have at it (and you can click the flickr badge on the right sidebar if you just can't get enough - I'll meet you over there, we can ogle together):