Apr 23, 2006

What's New Pussycat?

Just a quickie, and when you have young children, it's best done late at night really... ::cough::

My friend Neicey let me have her digital cam today because it wasn't working right, and since it was my gift to her, I offered to take it in and have it checked out. Turns out it just needed a different type of battery, so I brought it home with me and well...As
Crazy Aunt Purl says, Y'all Know.

Let's begin with the cuteness shall we?
This is a shot of my munchkins after our girls day out today at my friend Akanksha's. Seriously, could you just moosh them?

And here's my latest knitting adventure in all it's unfinished glory. Socks...I feel the fever, and I can tell already, Drew is going to be one warm footed so-and-so let me tell you.

Here are the close up of the starting of the heel and the 6+" cuff. Heh heh heh - see this is how I KNOW my husband doesn't read this blog. Ever.

These socks are a surprise for him for Father's Day, and I guarantee he will be none the wiser. Hmph.

I've saved today's best for last...you know, keep you scrolling. I went to a Handbag Party today to support Neicey and hang out with some of my coolest girlfriends. Well, our hostess Akanksha...I can't even begin to list all her skills and talents. She paints, she makes gorgeous jewelry, she's a great mom, she's a software programmer, she has impeccable design taste and talents, and, as I found out for the first time today...

She Knits.

She made that gorgeous sweater for Meezee's 3rd birthday and I tell you my eyes got teary and my jaw dropped. I've been so caught up in what I'm going to make for who and how many more jobs I need to afford my yarn habit. So to be handed something handmade, knit no less as a gift completely threw me for a loop (nice pun). Phew! A warm fuzzy feeling I tell you - THANK YOU AKANKSHA! It's just the right size for Meezee to wear when things cool off again 'round here.